Automation and Control

Automation and Control

Automation and Control of turnkey processes and machinery

Our department of automation and control is specialized in the programming of all types of control systems. Composed of engineers and technicians additionally specialized in industrial networks and in the handling and exchange of related Databases such as SQL Server and Oracle. 

Industrial control engineering

This department designs, evaluates and supervises all the installation projects it carries out. At the same time, its objective is to be in contact with our customers with the aim of providing innovative and profitable solutions. 

Study of interconnection of different control systems for the management and exchange of data

Solutions for the interconnection and acquisition of data among different management systems in a transparent and automatic way. 

Design of control schemes

AEtech has a schemes department which, together with the engineers of the technical department and with the best design assisted tools, can execute any kind of control scheme.

Design, execution and certification of industrial networks and management

AEtech has the necessary experience and tools to desing, scale and certify any kind of industrial network.

Integral computer solutions service

Our experience in the design and use of our own system, the actions in real time and the knowledge in industrial environments of electrical disturbances allows us to advise and/or act with fully guaranteed success in dealing with any computer system.

Production of control panels

AEtech produces control panels using maximum quality materials. We are integrators of different brands such as: SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, ALLEN BRADLEY, SIEMENS, OMRON and GE FANUC among others.

Control and IT audits

AEtech's years of experience in control systems allows us to audit your automation facilities through periodic inspections with the aim of supervising the running of the system, checking the obsolescence of both the PLCs as well as the programs and operating systems, inspect the spares stock and determine critical points and study the possibility of applying new technologies and automation solutions.

In turn, our IT Systems department offers you the possibility of carrying out audits in the IT area. These audits can include: Internal and external communications, network architecture, optimization of servers, advice on operating systems and/or obsolescence of software and hardware.

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