Electrical Installations

Electrical Installations

MV and LV industrial electrical installations

AEtech has many years of experience in all types of electrical industrial installation. For this reason we are able to carry out MV and LV installations: Receiving Stations, Transformer stations, Cogeneration stations, Electrical panels and LV installations in general.

Electrical engineering

Our Technical department designs, evaluates and supervises the installations that it carries out clarifying any queries our customers may have. This department has the ability to do MV and LV electrical engineering enabling it to provide added value to the installations carried out.

Design of electrical schemes using CAD

AEtech has a schemes department that, together with the engineers of the technical department and the best design tools, can carry out any type of control scheme.

Production of electrical panels

AEtech produces LV electrical panels using high quality materials from top brands such as Merlin Gerin, ABB and Siemens.

Control of accesses, telephony, sound equipment, fire detection and CCTV

Installations of access control, telephony, sound equipment, fire detection and CCTV. 

Installations in singular buildings and in the tertiary sector

In addition to industrial installations, AEtech also carries out MV and LV electrical installations and automation and control in singular buildings and in the tertiary sector.

Electrical and energy advice

Our extensive list of references in the industrial sector puts us in a position to make comparisons, propose improvements and, all in all, advise on and propose the best energy solutions for each specific case.

Electrical systems audits

AEtech can audit your electrical installation to determine the degree of compliance of the Low and Medium voltage regulations of your installations, compliance of the Atex directives, appropriateness of the existing electrical systems and technical-economic proposal for the improvements to be carried out.

Preventive maintenance

Thermographs and periodic inspections of MV and LV.

An important, difficult to detect factor in your electrical installations are the rises in temperature produced by a deterioration of the connections. We can define and offer the detection of this important problem using thermographic analysis.


The staff at AEtech are highly qualified in the diverse areas in which they operate. Likewise, our staff can train the client so that they can correctly operate their installations in order to maximize performance.

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