ICT Solutions

Security and availability, an obligation

At AEtech, we believe that MES/MOS systems and automated installations must be supported by ICT solutions designed to minimise business risk through robust data security and dependable 24/7 availability.

  • Industrial Ethernet Networks

    The production network (OT - Operation Technology) is becoming more and more important and it is essential to integrate this with the IT network (IT - Information Technology). To achieve this convergence in a safe and fast manner, we carry out audits, studies and the installation of industrial Ethernet networks.

  • Wireless Networks:

    In order to provide industries with versatility, the installation of Wireless networks is both necessary and useful. Wireless communication between teams allows ever greater integration and mobility within the flow of operations

  • Cyber security

    We are aware that the security of systems is essential for the protection of data and production processes, hence we apply the measures necessary to identify, manage and reduce the consequences of a cyber attack.

  • Virtualisation

    The installation of virtualisation in computer systems, allows for a more agile management of installations, technological evolutions, computer incidents, the use of available resources, etc. We design, audit and implement our own virtual infrastructures, or in existing CPDs.

  • High availability and contingency systems

    In order to ensure maximum availability of the production environments, the implementation of redundant systems has become an element that should be taken into account in industrial processes

  • Management and monitoring of system infrastructures in industrial environments

    The installation of industrial Ethernet, wireless, cyber security, virtualisation and redundant systems in infrastructures involves the use of real-time management and centralised monitoring systems.

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