AEtech Mexico implements the AEmes System in Harinera los Pirineos

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AEtech expands its International presence and implements its first AEmes System in Latin America in a flour mill and premixes that “Harinera los Pirineos” has in Salamanca (Guanajuato, México).AEmes allows the automatic production management which will bring great advantages such as integral production control through SCADA / HMI, manufacturing error control, batch process control as well as total traceability of products.The results were immediate and visible, in only three months improves the competitiveness of the company in the market thanks to the increase in productivity and the quality assurance on the final productThe project was such a great success in both execution of the project as well as in the final results (cost reduction, industrial efficiency improvement and quality assurance) that in only three months “Harinera los Pirineos” trusts again in AEtech to expand the project, including automation software for the production control to the rest of the existing lines of milling and continuous mixing.