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We have a lot to say in Industry 4.0

  Within the framework of our presence at Expoquimia, we participated as speakers in the Smartech Cluster conference on Industry 4.0 in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector. A great opportunity to tell, share experiences and reflect on the digital innovations that are changing these essential sectors. Here you can check the details of the event.

R(e)volution to industry 4.0. Ready and mentalized to face it?

Facing an industry 4.0 project is a condition to remain competitive, but to succeed is important to align your strategy with market trends. In other words, all organizations looking to tackle an industry 4.0 project have to know exactly where they are and where they want to be, so they must measure their digital maturity […]

AEtech positively evaluates the last edition Advanced Factories 2019

AEtech has positively valued its participation in the 2019 edition of the Advanced Factories Expo & Congress, which was held between 9 and 11 April at the CCIB “Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona”. It is AEtech’s third participation in this annual meeting of the most innovative industrial leaders in industrial automation, robotics and digital […]

PIMEC Forum – Industry 4.0: the digital revolution applied to the factory

The pace of creation and adoption of new technologies is accelerating day by day and has unprecedented effects on businesses. All sectors are affected, from services to industry. In the latter area, new production methods and technologies are highlighted that will forever change our factories.PIMEC organizes this PIMEC Forum to approach the new technological tendencies […]

Analysis of the evolution of the industrial digital transformation

The industrial digital transformation is essential and inevitable in any sector or business area. The opportunities offered by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), digitization and ubiquitous connectivity are too great to ignore, as much or more than the risks to which a manufacturing plant is exposed because of inactivity. industrial digital transformation Related link: […]


ERP integration to production in feed and flour mills

La integración ERP a la producción en fábricas de piensos y harinas sigue siendo una de las prioridades del sector. En este post explicamos un caso de estudio sobre cómo disponer de una integración en tiempo real sin traspaso de ficheros entre fábrica y el sistema de gestión de la empresa (ERP), formulación, calidad, etc. […]

Mango drives logistics with the opening of a new megacenter

“The new facilities will be a giant leap for the company due to its capacity and the technology it incorporates”, says a Mango spokesperson. In the 280,000 square meters of the center you can manage 75,000 garments per hour that will be sent to all markets in which the chain is present. AEtech has collaborated […]