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ERP integration to production in feed and flour mills

La integración ERP a la producción en fábricas de piensos y harinas sigue siendo una de las prioridades del sector. En este post explicamos un caso de estudio sobre cómo disponer de una integración en tiempo real sin traspaso de ficheros entre fábrica y el sistema de gestión de la empresa (ERP), formulación, calidad, etc. […]

Mango drives logistics with the opening of a new megacenter

“The new facilities will be a giant leap for the company due to its capacity and the technology it incorporates”, says a Mango spokesperson. In the 280,000 square meters of the center you can manage 75,000 garments per hour that will be sent to all markets in which the chain is present. AEtech has collaborated […]

Tribute from patronal Pimec

Aplicaciones Elèctriques was honored by Pere Cornellà, PIMEC’s president (micro, Small and Medium Companies of Catalonia), during the ceremony held on December. It was an act of recognition to oldest companies of the province of Girona associated to the entity (12 in total); an initiative that Patronal Pimec has carried out thanking the confidence placed […]

Conference CEAM CPI (Industrial Productivity Center)

In recent years AEtech has been involved in all those activities related to the Industry 4.0 either fairs, congresses or conferences, showing our commitment for new technologies. At the seminar organized by CEAM CPI we were present in several presentations where companies shared their experiences regarding implementation of industrial solutions within Industry 4.0.From AEtech’s stand, […]

AEtech provides an Automation and control solution for a Hot Stamping Line

Samar’t, a global leader company in manufacturing of license plates for the automation, is currently facing a new strategic plan for the consolidation of internationalization of the company for the next years.Because of that, Samar’t is carrying out new projects at its plant located in Figueres (Spain), where AEtech carries out both electrical installation and […]

Control system wastewater treatment plant

EDAR (known as wastewater treatment plant for its Spanish acronym) of Figueres is essential for the waste-water sanitation of the city. In order to ensure its performance as well as the quality of the outgoing water is being carried out an updating and improvement of the facility to eliminate of the micronutrients. AEtech is carrying […]

Nestlé, Fifty project

Nestlé continues relying on AEtech’s services at the end of the project for its new factory plant called Fifty. The new installation, located next to the current factory in Girona, has become the biggest one in Europe. This September has been carried out the commissioning, starting already the production. It will have the capacity to […]