Continuing to build alliances, now in partnership with DIGIS3

creando alianzas DIGIS3

Continuing to build alliances, it is our pleasure here at AETECH to announce our new partnership with DIGIS3, the Centre for Digital Innovation for the promotion of digitisation in Castilla y León. We are contributing our knowledge and experience to help SMEs and Public Administration entities in the region to achieve smart, sustainable, and cohesive digital transformation.

As the entity that facilitates access to the company and public administration, DIGIS3 brings together the best industrial companies, knowledge centres, and specialist developers in solutions for Industry 4.0. DIGIS3 is committed to generating synergies to create a technological ecosystem in order to help the Castilla y León region take the next step forward.



In addition, at AETECH we are celebrating the fact that DIGIS3 received the Seal of Excellence, which was recently awarded by the European Commission, thus making it the European Centre for Digital Innovation of Castilla y León. This was achieved thanks to its record of hard work, as well as its key pillars of cooperation, talent, global sustainability, and capillarity.

We continue to promote effective industrial digitisation in B2B environments to obtain competitive advantages.

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